Principles met

  • We will embrace innovation in how we work with local communities to drive positive change.
  • In exploring new ways of meeting the priority needs of our communities we will encourage models, such as co-operatives and mutuals, which give greater influence and voice to staff and users. in designing and commissioning public services and in determining the use of public resources.

About the project

Home-care clients and care staff tell us they want a move away from ‘time and task’ to holistic wrap-around care packages. A new model – co-produced with clients, their families and carers – in making this happen. We’re moving from care as a backstop or safety-net, into an enabler of lives and re-invigorator of individuals, ensuring that client’s needs and outcomes take primacy over the process. Key to achieving a sustainable person-centred care model is a new offer for staff and a more integrated approach between service providers based around the client. Our key activity and aims are twofold:

  • Integrated working. Joined-up client support and improved continuity of care – ensuring fewer knocks on the door – through neighbourhood working across services
  • Recruitment and retention of staff. Fund providers with a guaranteed minimum pay level for staff. Blended roles with enhanced training, shared learning and support. Improved opportunities for career progression.



Simon Brunet
Head of Policy, Performance and Intelligence

Thomas Robinson
Policy and Communications