• Lead Member Westminster City Council
  • Year 2024
  • Type Prototype

About the project

Phase I- Commission a focus group to explore attitudes, experiences, and behaviours among residents on Westminster housing estates, relating to the adoption of green practices in everyday life. The objective is to identify barriers and facilitators for behaviour change among residents and use these findings to develop and test the positioning and promotion of the ‘8 steps to green delight’ concept, which encourages residents to commit to adopt at least one new practice (take a step) towards living in a more environmentally friendly way.

Phase 2- Embrace the insight gained from the research to develop and implement a pilot engagement campaign aimed at targeting four housing estates across the borough, including a set of community engagement events at the housing estates.

For further information contact the project leads:

Cllr Ryan Jude
Cabinet Member for Climate, Ecology and Culture
Westminster City Council

Inge Lyngborg
Environment Programme Manager
Westminster City Council Housing Estate Portfolio