Welcome to the fastest growing network in local government

We believe that the unprecedented challenges facing the public sector and local communities mean that traditional models of top-down governance and economic growth are no longer fit for purpose. Our Members want to reclaim the traditions of community action, community engagement, and civic empowerment that can transform communities. This approach will help deliver radical and innovative programmes designed, led, and delivered in partnership with communities and other sector partners, maximising the social dividend they bring. We’re proud that cooperative councils are driving global public policy aligned to our Statement of Values and Principles.

Our Values and Principles

In acknowledging that Councils are not in themselves registered co-operatives, we and our members have developed principles that have grown from those of the International Co-operative Alliance and are relevant within the context of local government.  The CCIN has developed ten icons to illustrate these Principles.  These icons are used throughout this website to demonstrate how Co-operative Councils are putting our co-operative principles into practice, highlighting the ‘cooperative difference’ in the work that they are doing.

Joining the network

Join the CCIN to be part of a growing and influential network committed to developing a new relationship with citizens. There is increasing interest, across the political spectrum, in how to share power and responsibility with citizens, support the development of community and civic life and find more cost-effective ways to create successful and resilient communities. Membership is open to all councils, opposition groups, and businesses wishing to show their support and engage in the processes of developing innovative co-operative councils. Individuals and organisations can also join as Supporters.


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