Councillor Sharon Taylor OBE

Welcome from Cllr Sharon Taylor OBE

Thank you for the honour and privilege you have given me in electing me as Chair of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network.  I have been involved with the Network since its earliest days and look forward to playing my part now in shaping its future.

We know that for decades’ people have felt more confident in their local council to take account of their views than they do of Westminster politicians, but we must never be complacent about that which was part of the driving force behind setting up the Network.  We want to reclaim the traditions of community action, community engagement and civic empowerment which can transform communities and which will help us deliver radical and innovative programmes that are designed, led and delivered in partnership with communities and therefore maximise the social dividend they bring.  It has also always been the purpose of the Network to share our developing good practice and to support one another in our co-operative aims and values.

We should not forget that co-operative councils should, and will, look different around the country because each place is different.  We have different challenges, histories and economies and there is no one right answer to these.  What we are doing in the Network is proposing some of the characteristics of Co-operative Places, People and Public Services.  Please let us know what you think of these, they will be stronger and more enduring if we all contribute to them.