• Lead Member Oxford City Council
  • Participating Members Anthony Collins Solicitors, Birmingham City Council, E3M, Hackney Council, Kirklees Council, Liverpool City Council, Manchester City Council, Oxford City Council, Peopletoo, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Year 2023
  • Type Policy Labs

About the project

Local government officers are bombarded with a wide range of tools and approaches for assessing, delivering, and monitoring social value. With all the talk about social value, it can be difficult to know where to start and which tools will achieve the intended result.

This policy lab will draw on existing practice across the network and beyond, to develop a set of tools, how to guides, and processes that can be picked up and used by local government officers in different operational contexts to support the growth of more inclusive local economies. There will also be scope to develop new tools which can better identify and account for the kinds of social value promoted by CCIN.

The toolkit will focus on demystifying the process of delivering social value, encouraging solidarity and sharing of good practice across councils and enabling council officers to learn through direct experience.

Project Lead