• Lead Member Westminster City Council
  • Participating Members Anthony Collins Solicitors, Brent Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), Manchester City Council, Westminster City Council, Wigan Council
  • Year 2024
  • Type Policy Labs

About the project

Did you know that a baby born in our most deprived wards has an average life expectancy of 76 years, 18 years less than that of a baby born in Knightsbridge and Belgravia (94 years)?

Our communities have told us their health and wellbeing are linked to wider determinants of health – such as housing, jobs, crime, neighbourhoods, community connections, access to health services and experience of discrimination. The #2035 movement will focus on improving the lives of our residents through a conversational-led approach on various relevant topics with our communities.

With our communities at the core of this movement, we are working to gain insight on the kind of changes we need to improve our work with communities by listening to our resident’s experiences, connecting across organisations, amplifying existing good practice, and accelerating our collective action to deliver change.

This programme aims to not only change what we do with our communities for the better but, also redefine the stimulants and intentions behind how we work with them. Effectively, we aim to reduce the gap in Westminster’s health inequality by 2035.

We want the learning to inform the national agenda, providing action learning and resources for the whole of the CCIN, testing a radical new model that could be applied nationally to tackling health inequalities.

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