• Lead Member Peopletoo
  • Participating Members Glasgow City Council, Norwich City Council, Peopletoo
  • Year 2019
  • Type Policy Labs

About the project

This project is being sponsored by Peopletoo, Affiliate Members of the Network. Peopletoo wishes to support the increased awareness and understanding of social value and maximising social outcomes across local government.  Social value should be mainstreamed in local government. The public sector pound can generate substantial social value without increased cost and in many cases can deliver lower costs and improved service sustainability whilst contributing positively to local communities.

Although there are pockets of best practice across local government, it is inconsistent and requires increased awareness and a systematic approach across organisations to ensure that social value is one of the core outcomes measured and evaluated.

We believe that there are a range of opportunities to generate social value and would be keen to explore these and additional areas in more detail:
Employment, Assets, Support Vulnerable Groups, Local Communities, Local Businesses, Sustainable Services, Environmental Impact, Regeneration & Economic Development.