Test, Track and Trace – Oldham Council

Posted on 6th October, 2020

The introduction and roll-out of local test, track and trace arrangements

Covid-19 has seen an exacerbation of existing inequalities in the town linked to unemployment, poverty and health. Local increased restrictions were placed on the Borough on 28 July in response to rising infection rates which peaked at 110 per 100,000 population. Emerging evidence suggested that approximately one-third of Covid cases were arising from transmission within and between households. Urgent action was needed to bring the rates of infection down and in doing so, avoid full lockdown. Services were already stretched in relation to dealing with Covid-19, but policies, procedures and decision-making processes were in place which formed a sound basis for implementing more targeted testing, tracking and tracing. To do this the Council used data and intelligence to identify and map Covid-19 hotspots which was updated on a daily basis. Staff have, where possible, been redeployed and volunteers recruited to help with the doorstep engagement of residents. There has been close working between the Local Authority Senior Management Team, the Director of Public Health and VFCSE sector to maximise and align resources.


Covid-19 – Test Track and Trace – Oldham Council