Let’s Talk – Sunderland City Council

Posted on 6th March, 2020

Following the launch of its City Plan, which aims to create a healthy, vibrant and dynamic city for all by 2030, it was clear that the Council must also work within communities to improve neighbourhoods from within, leaving no residents behind or disadvantaged. 

Sunderland City Council developed a strategy to engage with all residents which has been adopted by all council services, alongside key health and other public sector partners as well as the voluntary and community sector – the strategy is called Let’s Talk.  The strategy was first used to engage with over 50% of the Sunderland population to support the development of five neighbourhood investment plans.

The Let’s Talk campaign reached every corner of the city, with key partners from Sunderland Football Club to local taxi services sharing their part – ensuring all residents were asked what they loved about the city, what they would change and how they could support more within their communities.

Engagement – Let’s Talk – Sunderland City Council