CCIN Review of the Year – 2020-21

By the end of July 2021, there were 33 Full Council Members, 20 Associate Members (including 10 Town and Parish Councils), and 36 Affiliate Members. This is an increase from 19 councils in 2017 to 75 councils and organisations in 2020 to 89 councils in 2021.  Co-operative Council Members (exc GMCA) represent 9m citizens and control a budget of £14bn. There are also 14 Supporters, both individuals and organisations.

Despite an inability to meet in person since March 2020, the CCIN’s profile has continued to grow, and there has been a marked increase in interest in the valuable contribution that the Network’s Members are making to municipal policy development, particularly in a post-Covid world.

Highlights include:

  • Positioning the CCIN as the fastest growing Network in local government
  • Funding six Policy Labs and seven Policy Prototype Projects
  • Sharing over 300 Case Studies on the Councils. coop website giving our members recognition with new audiences
  • Launching the CCIN Action Learning Set from Covid-19 publication
  • Launching the Beyond Asset Transfer report
  • Launch of CCIN Induction online training programme
  • Establishing a Leaders and Cooperative Leads Group sharing practical ways to build the co-operative economy
  • Electing a new Executive Oversight Committee and Values & Principles Board
  • Establishing a Constitutional Review Group
  • Conducting regular meetings of the CCIN Officer Network to share and learn from one another
  • Promoting 50 online events and meetings on the CCIN website, organised by the CCIN and its members.