Love Your Street aims to improve environmental and housing standards across six inner city wards with the highest proportion of migrant populations.

Issues such as littering, fly-tipping and poor waste containment exist across all areas of the city to varying extents. However, the problems are most acute and are most regularly reported and addressed as issues in the wards we are targeting.

The target areas are blighted by repeat fly-tips, poor waste containment, higher levels of waste on private land and in household forecourts all contributing to low environmental standards. These priority areas are also highly populated with HMOs and flats above shops within the private rented sector.  Average rents are lower than other parts of the region and there is evidence that ‘rogue’ landlords are providing poor standard accommodation for migrants. This often leads to issues around anti-social behaviour crime and compounds the environmental/waste problems.

Waste and housing issues are interlinked and this project is delivering improvements through community, resident, tenant, and landlord engagement with a view to developing sustainable solutions. In order to do this, a dedicated team is working in the priority areas with residents to support in making their streets cleaner, safer and happier.

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