Principles met

  • We will develop systems that enable citizens to be equal partners in designing and commissioning public services and in determining the use of public resources.
  • We will embrace innovation in how we work with local communities to drive positive change.
  • We will support the development of a framework and criteria for social value, giving substance to the concept and supporting Councils with the tools to ensure better local social and economic outcomes.

Living with Water is a partnership between Yorkshire Water, Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the Environment Agency, and the University of Hull – all of which play a role in managing water in Hull and the East Riding.

One of Living with Water’s key objectives is to build resilience through raising awareness of flood risks within communities and deliver practical advice and information to help local people protect their homes and businesses, and to make them feel safe. Our aim is to achieve a year-on-year reduction in flood risk.

To help build a positive relationship with the communities we work in, we have worked with a team of Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) volunteers to recruit and train Living with Water ambassadors. As well as joining our team at a variety of community events and playdays, the ambassadors have been involved in a range of projects such as knowledge shares with students at the University of Hull, attending Virtual Horizons plays to discuss flood resilience with the audience, and aiding the development of a flood resilience board game. In 2023, the Living with Water ambassadors donated 125 official hours, as well as the many occasions where they have shared their knowledge with their own friends and neighbours in an unofficial capacity.

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