These terms of reference were adopted at a meeting of the Annual General Meeting on 16 February 2022.

Role and operations of the Executive Oversight Committee

The Executive Oversight Committee holds delegated powers to manage network affairs on behalf of all members.
This committee meets quarterly, either virtually or physically.

Purpose and Terms of Reference of the Executive Oversight Committee (EOC):

(a)  Drive forward Co-operative Policy Development on behalf of network members.
(b)  Oversee the day-to-day running of the Network.
(c)  Set the budget framework on a 5-year cycle
(d)  Make key decisions on Network priorities, for example, setting the scope of Policy Labs and Policy Prototypes.
(e)  Determine if projects should be supported or not, based on the V&P’s recommendations, or return a proposed project to V&P for further consideration.
(f)  Oversee the development, review, approval and implementation of the CCIN’s strategic direction.
(g)  Raise the CCIN’s profile, developing our influence and strengthening our policy impact.
(h)  Oversee the Network budget, allocate spending and sign off the CCIN’s annual accounts.
(i)  Ensure that the Values and Principles Board is resourced and supported to carry out its functions.
(j)  Manage the Network’s reputation, giving consideration to issues, including Member behaviour, which may impact the reputation of the CCIN.
(k)  The terms of reference for the EOC will be reviewed every 2 years by a sub-group of the EOC and make recommendations to EOC.

Membership of the Executive Oversight Committee:

Membership is made up of:

(a)  a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 Representatives from the CCIN’s Full Membership
(b)  1 Representative from the Accountable Body (The Accountable Body oversees the CCIN’s budget, legal structure and procurement requirements)
(c)  1 Representative of the Associate Membership
(d)  1 Representative of the Affiliate Membership
(e)  1 Representative of the Values and Principles Board (non-voting)

Full details are set out in our Constitution.

Chair Executive Oversight Committee

Vice Chair Executive Oversight Committee

Members of Executive Oversight Committee