Procurement Bill – Power to the people! (Otherwise known as ‘maximising public benefit’)

  • 5th Sep 2022
On a hot day such as 18 July 2022, what better repast than to wander on to the Government’s Transforming Public Procurement page and then to meander on to the Hansard record of the House of Lords Committee Stage reading of 13 July?

I have been poised to write about clause 11 of the Procurement Bill (the Bill) for quite some time, but I was spurred into doing so by the balmy discussion that was so in contrast with the temperature that day. I have since read the Hansard record for the reading that took place on 18 July – and it provides an entertaining pastime for any PJ Wodehouse fan. The cricket and pudding analogies of sponsoring Lord True and the travails of the Liberal Democrat’s presence (one at the dentist, one with Covid-19 and a third delayed for four hours on a train) are simply gripping. But – on to the meat (or is it mat?) of my thinking.