Democratising Policy Solutions

  • 26th Oct 2023

This project was an extension of a Policy Prototype undertaken in Rochdale borough which developed a toolkit for community engagement.  A group of CCIN councils, affiliates and citizens from the various places, got together to share their practice and experience around Co-production.  Through workshops and enquiries, they developed an encyclopedia of ideas about how local government is and can engage communities in local democracy.  The product is a reflection and a of tools to help those who want to think and act co-operatively when they are making things happen together. 

The group used the CCIN approach which challenges Co-operative Councils to put their co-operative principles in to practice to demonstrate the “co-operative difference” in the work they are doing.  The CCIN  values and principles have been the filter through which this project was run to enable the group to think about and share approaches to participation, coproduction and democracy that have been helpful to support the work of co-operative councils, the communities they have worked with; and the CCIN affiliates who participated in this policy lab.