Event Summary

  • Date 25/02/21
  • Time 18:30
  • Location Online

About the event

The national and international spotlight has been on Preston since it launched its Community Wealth Building programme, known to many as ‘the Preston Model’.

Preston City Council is ready to launch the next phase, Community Wealth Building 2.0: Leading Resilience and Recovery in Preston, and wants to share that story with you.

Their headline statements include renewing our commitment to local procurement to benefit employment and training opportunities and community development.

They will focus too on a more democratic economy through employee ownership, co-operative ventures, decent and fair employment, and developing local investment opportunities through regional co-operative banking.  And will work with others, public sector partners, to harness the ‘power of place’, in part through increased use of the City’s assets for increased social and environmental benefit.

The threads running through all this is operating to the priorities which will help develop a more resilient Preston to aid a swifter recovery from the effects of Covid-19, and ensuring climate resilience.

The event will feature interviews and conversations with local, national and international figures.  Speakers include:

  • Cllr Freddie Bailey – Cabinet Member for Community Wealth Building – Preston City Council
  • Phil Thompson – Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives – New York City Government
  • Cllr Matthew Brown – Leader of Preston City Council
  • John McDonnell MP – Labour MP and former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Rachel Shabi – Journalist and contributor to The Guardian and other national and international publication

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