Event Summary

  • Date 10/03/21
  • Time 15:15
  • Location Online

About the event

Rochdale Webinar Invite


Good Help and Covid Recovery: Lessons from Rochdale – How vaccination strategies can help us build back better

About this Event

Join us for a conversation with Helen Chicot, Place Lead, Rochdale Council; Benjamin Taylor, CEO, Public Service Transformation Academy and others to explore how Good Help can provide a way of building back better public services.

As the pandemic struck last year, Rochdale initiated a programme of work to use Good Help as a framework for the borough’s response to the crisis. At the event they will share their story, both the highs and the lows, of reconfiguring services in a borough that, like many, spent the vast majority of 2020 in lockdown.

They will explain how Covid crystalised their colleagues’ understanding of what inequality really means, and how it gave them a shared objective to tackle. An objective that Good Help provided a way of achieving; be it redesigning rough sleepers’ accommodation or rolling out their mass vaccination programme.

They will also describe how Good Help has helped motivate people and bring them together, and how this has generated solidarity between people working on different parts of the service system. This has been especially important when so many of us have been stuck inside.

But most importantly, at the event, we hope to start a conversation with you about how Good Help might be a useful way to support your work on Covid recovery, wherever you are.



15:15 – Start

Introduction – Benjamin Taylor, CEO, Public Service Transformation Academy

Good Help in Rochdale – Helen Chicot, Place Lead, Rochdale

An emerging model of building back better services – Rich Wilson, Director, Good Help

Lightening response – Sonia Khan, Head of Policy and Strategic Delivery, Hackney Council (TBC)

Small group breakouts

Feedback and responses

Summing up

16:40 – Close