Principles met

  • We will embrace innovation in how we work with local communities to drive positive change.
  • In exploring new ways of meeting the priority needs of our communities we will encourage models, such as co-operatives and mutuals, which give greater influence and voice to staff and users. in designing and commissioning public services and in determining the use of public resources.

The Whole Systems for Whole People (WS4WP) initiative was driven by a shared understanding of how the existing system had failed people with multiple complex needs. Supported through a bid to the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) for funding in 2018, lead officers from a range of organisations in Devon came together with an ambition to reimagine their response to Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (DASV).

Services in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth were seeing increasing numbers of people with highly complex presentations of substance misuse, poor mental health, sexual violence, domestic abuse, offending behaviours, and a range of other challenging circumstances such as debt and homelessness. People with complex needs are often on the margins of society and can often be managing high levels of trauma without the right support.

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