Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, tackling inequalities was a recognized priority within Greater Manchester. These inequalities that exist between Greater Manchester and the rest of the country, between localities in Greater Manchester, within localities and across specific groups within our population.

The Covid-19 pandemic has served to amplify and exacerbate these inequalities and two recent Greater Manchester reports have sought to quantify the scale of the challenge and propose potential solutions. The reports make for necessarily uncomfortable reading and should serve as a call to action to both those who provide services to the public and to citizens themselves.

The Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission: was established in October 2020 to influence the city-regional recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, providing expert opinion, evidence and guidance as Greater Manchester’s economy and society reshapes over the coming months and years. Chaired by Professor Kate Pickett of the University of York, and involving prominent economists, social scientists and community activists, the Commission provided a deep dive, rapid research into the structural inequalities which exist in Greater Manchester, engaging across communities, public and business stakeholders, carrying out research, and gathering ideas, on inequalities associated with health, education, employment, and skills; structural racism; future economic strategy, and the powers that Greater Manchester has to tackle these issues.

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