In April 2019, fourteen leading public sector organisations based in Cardiff signed the newly developed Healthy Travel Charter, committing themselves to supporting and encouraging their staff and visitors to travel in a sustainable way to and from their sites.

Through fourteen ambitious actions, the charter promotes walking, cycling, public transport and ultra-low emission vehicle use. The actions include establishing a network of sustainable travel champions, developing targeted communications campaigns for staff, offering and promoting the cycle to work scheme and increasing the availability of video-conferencing for meetings to reduce the number of journeys staff need to make across sites.

Between them, the organisations will commit to reducing the proportion of journeys commuting to and from work made by car from 62 per cent to 52 per cent, increasing the proportion of staff cycling weekly to and from work from 14 per cent to 23 per cent, and increase the proportion of vehicles used during the day which are plug-in hybrid or pure electric from 1 per cent to 3 per cent by 2022.

Organisations which signed the charter at the launch event at Cardiff City Hall were Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Natural Resources Wales, South Wales Fire and Rescue, South Wales Police, HM Prison and Probation, Welsh Government, National Assembly for Wales, Sport Wales, Public Health Wales, HM Revenue & Customs, National Museum for Wales, Welsh Ambulance, and the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner.

Together, these organisations employ over 33,000 members of staff in the city of Cardiff, whom they will be encouraging to make a healthy and sustainable change to the way they travel.

The work on the Staff Healthy Travel Charter was initiated through the Cardiff Public Services Board, and was led by a Consultant in Public Health Medicine hosted by Cardiff Council’s Transport Team.

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