We are changing the way we help young people aged 12-17 in care and on the edge of care. Too many Salford young people in care are placed in children’s homes outside the city, meaning they have to change schools, move away from their friends and family and don’t always get the support they need.

We are introducing a new service which has been very successful in North Yorkshire. Route29 (known as ‘No Wrong Door’ in North Yorkshire and other areas) is an integrated service for adolescents with complex needs that brings together a team of specialists working together through a shared practice framework. The model operates as an edge of care/outreach service, focused around a re-purposed children’s home that acts as a hub to bring together a multi-disciplinary team, including a clinical psychologist, police, speech and language therapist and ‘stickable’ keyworkers.

Instead of going to a children’s home, young people who live in Salford can now get instant access to the professional support they need at the Route29 hub. Where necessary, they can stay overnight on a short term basis, but usually they would stay at home and get help from the hub during the day, for as long as they need it.

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