North Warwickshire is a collection of different villages & towns, each with their own spirit, history and character; communities with proud histories and heritages. All of this continues to be under threat by a council that doesn’t listen or consult effectively with local people, and it’s those local people who will fall victim to a council that doesn’t listen or work WITH local people. It is our belief that we shouldn’t work FOR local people, but alongside them so that they can be empowered, knowing they have a say in how their town or village will develop. More now than ever before, it is vital that local people in communities across the country are part of the decision-making process, not just a tick box exercise for out of touch local politicians who have been given a map, a marker pen and a compass.

In North Warwickshire, Co-operators have provided effective opposition, and in the May 2019 local elections, produced a fully costed local manifesto that aimed high, was ambitious and aspirational. We recognised that local government can’t fix everything, but that it is our duty to do our utmost to alleviate some of the pressures of government cuts to our communities, and to help empower those who need it so that they can keep more of their money in their pockets, have their council tax spent wisely with their best interests at heart, live in sustainable, affordable housing near local services, amenities, schools and GP surgeries; not ill-thought development that price our children and local people out of their home towns and villages.

Our co-operative values extend to the residents we seek to serve, whether that’s in housing and the desire to promote the co-operative housing sector or promoting co-operative business models throughout the Borough.  Although we did not gain control of the council, this year we’ll continue to fight for our co-operative values and principles and take the administration of our local council to task.

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