Thursday 29 September marks the launch of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network’s Housing Commission on community-led housing.

The Housing Commission has been set up by the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network (CCIN) and will be led by Croydon Council. The aim of the Commission is to encourage and enable councils to foster and support community-led housing by setting out why councils should support community-led housing and spreading good news stories that communicate how improvement and innovative practice could be replicated across the country. It aims to develop positive responses to the latest funding and legislative challenges and current opportunities in order to show how co-operative, community-based solutions can help to boost housing supply, involve local communities, and safeguard and deliver new affordable social housing. Above all the focus of this Commission is practical – to ensure its products enable councils to encourage and support community-led housing schemes.

The Commission is holding two evidence gathering sessions to hear from community leaders and colleagues in the housing sector. The first session is on 29 September in Rochdale. This will be followed by a call for evidence in late October and a second evidence session on 24 November in Croydon.

The product of this Commission will be a report with case studies published in September 2017. The report will suggest practical solutions to enable councils to encourage and support community-led housing schemes. It will also feed into the development of a toolkit for local authorities and councils.

The Commissioners include representatives of local authorities, campaigning and support organisations, policy experts and leaders of community-led organisations.  Together their experience and knowledge will determine the scope of the Commission and shape and inform its work.

If you want any more information on the commission please contact John Montes, Senior Strategy Officer, Croydon Council ([email protected])