Plymouth - Four Greens Community Trust

Four Greens Community Trust – Co-operative working towards the goal of transforming community building and land to local ownership

In 2013 Plymouth City Council (PCC) presented a Cabinet report that advocated the creation of a new trust for the north of the city in need of additional investment, regeneration and services, through the provision of a Community Economic Development Trust.

Four Greens Community Trust  (FGCT) was the product, established as a Co-operative in 2014 in partnership with PCC. The area serving 30,000 residents is characterised by high deprivation, poor health care and low levels of local employment.

FGCT vision is to create a robust local economy that improves the prosperity and wellbeing of the community, promoting aspiration, ownership and pride. Building community cohesion and generating community led solutions is at the heart of their mission.

A long standing working relationship developed between PCC and FGCT to help them establish themselves and become a self-sustaining entity.

Offered 11 assets by PCC for Community Asset Transfer, the assets were prioritised  for future development potential.

In 2016, the first asset (a derelict care home) was transformed into a thriving community & wellbeing hub, shortlisted in the RTPI 2018 Awards for Planning Excellence in Health and Wellbeing.

FGCT has since developed key relationships with service delivery partners to develop the wellbeing agenda including Barnardos and Livewell SW.

Other assets developed include:-

  • Delivery of a Community Solar Farm by Plymouth Energy Community (a Co-operative)
  • Bringing back a vacant sports hall back into use
  • Creation of a community allotment garden

FGCT is now building on its status as an accredited ‘Wellbeing’ hub employing 5 staff and a consultant. It is now working closely with PCC for the formal transfer of all assets and financial resources so that it becomes fully responsible for their operation.

As well as expanding the Wellbeing agenda, the overarching aim of the new three year business plan is to work Co-operative agenda. It will focus on developing more assets into commercially viable operations that support the community development programme currently being delivered. Key themes include community led housing and sports development.

For further information, contact

Mark Rowles
FGCT consultant
E: [email protected]
M: 07943131175