As part of their individual Covid-19 recovery and renewal schemes Co-operatives UK and Power to Change joined forces in January 2021, with support from the Mayor of London, to launch Boosting Community Business London, a new initiative to boost the capital’s high streets and civic centres.  It is part of the Mayor’s commitment to helping London become a fairer, greener, more open and vibrant city as we begin to recover from the pandemic. The pilot aligns with two missions agreed by the London Recovery Board: High Streets for All and Building Strong Communities.

Boosting Community Business London has been designed to empower local people to establish socially trading business and services that their local communities want and need. It is helping them to take on the sustainable management and ownership of locally important assets by supporting fundraising through community shares.

The £150,000 programme has been funded by the Mayor of London and is delivered by Co-operatives UK with support from community business champions Power to Change.

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