Councillor Ian Ward – Birmingham City Council becomes our 75th Member

Picture by Dave Warren / Picture Team. 8/05/2018. Birmingham, UK. Birmingham City Cabinet. Photo credit: Dave Warren/Picture Team

Councillor Ian Ward
Leader, Birmingham City Council
Photo credit: Dave Warren/Picture Team

I am absolutely delighted that Birmingham City Council has become one of the newest members of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network and now is an opportune moment to do so.

In recent times we have been faced with challenges both new and old.

Covid-19 is a human tragedy, new to the world. The scale of its impact is unprecedented. The economic damage caused may take years to fully repair. In recent months, simmering tensions brought about by deep-rooted, generational inequalities, bubbled to the surface following the death of George Floyd.

Whilst they may seem very different issues, how we recover, rebuild and renew from both will depend on our communities. They will help define the problem; they will shape the answer and they will deliver the solution – but only with our support. 

Being part of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network will provide an excellent opportunity to learn from best practice from across the country in terms of how the Council can support, engage and mobilise our communities to respond to some of these issues.

I am also sure that Birmingham can contribute positively to the Network sharing details of our innovative work around localisation, Climate Change and Community Wealth Building.

Being part of the Network will help us think and act differently as we develop a new collaborative relationship with our citizens.


Councillor Ian Ward
Leader of Birmingham City Council