Event Summary

  • Date 20/06/14
  • Time 10:30
  • Location Plymouth

About the event

This cooperative councils conference, kindly hosted by Plymouth City Council, will examine pioneering approaches to cooperative energy, cooperative economies and cooperative approaches to tackling pay day lending and promoting financial inclusion. The concept behind the “Making it Real” event, is to demonstrate how pioneering councils have made place based solutions “real” on the ground and how these solutions have resulted in positive outcomes for communities.

In the context of the three areas identified above – cooperative energy, cooperative economies and financial and social inclusion – the workshops aim to help cooperative councils to:

  • Discuss and challenge the success of these innovations;
  • Examine the broader strategic and policy developments that will allow/restrict these areas to/from develop(ing) further;
  • Encourage and nurture collaborations across the network to a broader co-operative policy agenda.

To view the agenda for the conference, please click here.

To view the agenda for the CCIN business meeting, please click here.

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To find out more, please contact: [email protected]