CCIN appoints Peopletoo to prepare the ‘Co-operative difference in care’ report

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In 2020 and 2021 the Network has funded 18 Health and Social Care projects in Adult, Children’s, and Young People’s services.  The purpose of these projects is to identify how co-operative innovation could help health and social care services, shaping and influencing their delivery and enabling them to be more sustainable. 

In June 2021 we’ve appointed Peopletoo to pull together all the learning into one major policy and resource publication the Co-operative Difference in Care.  The final report will identify and raise awareness of co-operative solutions to the ongoing health and social care crisis, with a view to shaping future Government policy and sharing learning across the CCIN.  The report will be published early in 2022.

Peopletoo have worked with over 120 local authorities, 40 health organisations and successfully undertaken hundreds of related projects in its 11 year existence. A large proportion of these programmes have been focused on social care, working Councils and health organisations in collaboration with the voluntary and community sector.

The Peopletoo team have extensive experience of undertaking evaluation, research programmes across Social Services, Integrated Care and Health and are delighted to be working with CCIN on this important project.

Our 2020 funded projects.

Our 2021 funded projects.

For further details contact:

Maggie Kenney – Chief Executive at Peopletoo – [email protected]
Nicola Huckerby – Operations & Communications at CCIN – [email protected]