Principles met


MOPAC is prioritising reducing the impact of violence against women and girls (VAWG) through its action plan. The Home Office awarded MOPAC funding in 2017 for three projects:

  • Sexual Violence Triage programme: developing a new way for survivors of sexual violence to access support across the services commissioned in London.
  • Multi-Agency Stalking Intervention Project: a multi-agency stalking intervention programme.
  • The Drive Programme: reducing reoffending by repeat domestic abuse offenders through a collaborative approach between agencies.

These projects involve working with several agencies and taking an evidence-based, transformative approach to change the way that VAWG is dealt with.

The challenge

Following a reduction in the funding available, the Mayor’s Office commissioned a review of the feasibility of sustaining its funding for these three projects. This reviewed the effectiveness and value for money of the projects.
The report was commissioned for a tight timeframe over the summer, which posed challenges. Delays meant that the projects had been running for short periods – quantitative data was in short supply. Several key participants were taking summer leave. We therefore needed to use academic literature and interviews with participants. The interviews enquired how stakeholders felt about the benefits of these programmes, and whether changes could be made to improve outcomes.

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