Principles met

  • We will support the development of a framework and criteria for social value, giving substance to the concept and supporting Councils with the tools to ensure better local social and economic outcomes.

Successful integrated rapid response service supports Bob to remain at home

The Health and Social Care Rapid Response Team (HSCRRT) is a new co-located integrated community rapid response service that operates 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm.  The team supports any person aged over 18 who are experiencing a rapid decline of their health and are in crisis.  This case study is an example of the work the team do to support people’s outcomes and prevent them from being admitted to the hospital.

Bob is 76 years old and lives at home. 

The HSCRRT received an Ambulance referral as Bob had fallen sustaining a head injury and the family were concerned that Bob had suddenly deteriorated.  At HSCRRT triage it was assessed that the team’s paramedic and physiotherapist would visit Bob.   

Upon arrival, the paramedic completed a full clinical and neurological assessment with Bob and the physiotherapist also completed a musculoskeletal and falls assessment with Bob.