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We know that our unique local places really matter to our citizens. In Kirklees we’re working with our citizens, councillors, colleagues and partners to make sure that everyone has a stake in the place where they live, work or visit.

We’re using a tool called the Place Standard, which was developed by NHS Health Scotland, the Scottish Government and Architecture & Design Scotland. This is a way of helping to get conversations going about any place (it could be your street, neighbourhood or town), by using some simple questions.

Our towns, villages and communities are the strength of Kirklees – and it is these places which local people feel the strongest sense of belonging to. Our citizens would like us to do much more to recognise our unique local places.

We know this through the work of the Kirklees Democracy Commission, who heard clearly that our citizens want to have more of a conversation about what matters in our places (instead of stop-start consultations), and more of a voice in what happens here.

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