Establishing a Covid-19 Support Hub – South Tyneside Council

Posted on 6th October, 2020

Council staff collaborated with the community and voluntary sectors to offer immediate help to those at the greatest risk.

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on all aspects of life in South Tyneside – including employment, income, education, physical and mental health, social isolation and mobility. The Council was acutely aware that, while taking the lead in coordinating support for the most vulnerable and those required to shield for a prolonged period of time, there were others outside the “shielding” category with a range of needs, such as access to food and medicine, financial or welfare support, befriending services, mental health support and other services that third sector partners were well placed to provide. The Council established a support hub with a single point of access that could directly provide support to the most vulnerable. It would also provide a pathway to a range of services provided by partners to support physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. A recruitment drive for volunteers was supported by the Council’s community social media platform (#lovesouthtyneside) in collaboration with its community and voluntary coordinating body, Inspire South Tyneside.


Covid-19 – Establishing a Covid-19 Support Hub – South Tyneside Council