Supporting the development of cooperative care – Power to Change with Kirklees Council

Posted on 2nd March, 2020

Kirklees Council and Power to Change have supported the development of a cooperative approach to social care provision. Cooperative Care Colne Valley (CCCV) is a multi-stakeholder co-operative and community business established to provide both high-quality domiciliary care for older and disabled people in the Colne Valley, and fair and proper terms and conditions of employment for staff. Focussing solely on the Colne Valley, CCCV aims to provide high quality services at a fair price to local people while involving the people it cares for and their families in making decisions about their care. As a co-operative, it will ensure that all members have a stake and a say in how the service is run. It will also ensure staff are highly trained, motivated and that their conditions of employment are significantly better than those generally offered in this sector, ensuring that the co-operative structure will also provide opportunities to contribute to decision making and for career progression.

Social Care – Power to Change-Kirklees