Collaborative Alliance supporting those in Food Poverty – Torbay Council

Posted on 3rd September, 2021

When the pandemic hit it became apparent very quickly that there was an increasing number of residents in Torbay who needed support in accessing food. To tackle this Torbay Council, who are committed to being cooperative, helped facilitate the Torbay Food Alliance, a consortium of 10 food banks and community voluntary organisations.

When the Food Alliance came together they united with a common goal, which was to ensure that no one in Torbay goes hungry during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Alliance brought together community food resources and fundraising efforts so that they could provide coordinated support to those who were, and still are, struggling to access food. These were people who may have been self-isolating, who had no money to buy food or have lost their usual support networks. The Food Alliance is there to help the poorest and most vulnerable in their local community and they provide parcels of groceries and essentials, or meals for those who are unable to prepare their own.

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