Developing a Circular Economy in Kirklees – Kirklees Council

Posted on 6th October, 2020

Kirklees Council is working with Leeds University to identify and engage local manufacturers with particular potential for circular economy innovations, leading to a more resilient and sustainable local economy, creation of new jobs and better environmental outcomes.

Kirklees has suffered the health and economic impacts of the pandemic in a similar manner to neighbouring districts. However, in the early stages of the crisis it was projected to see a particularly marked decline largely due to the concentration of manufacturing firms which account for 25% of the local economy. Much has been said during the pandemic of the need to build back better both in terms of environmental sustainability and economic inclusivity. These issues chime with two key workstreams in Kirklees prior to Covid-19, which have been incorporated as crosscutting themes within the Economic Recovery Plan in combination with the application of the Council’s People, Partners, Places approach. Moving away from a traditional linear (take-make-use-waste) economy towards a circular economy (CE) provides opportunities for Kirklees to make significant strides in carbon reduction while presenting opportunities for local businesses to increase their resilience and create competitive advantage – and at the same time opening up new job opportunities. Working with this group of businesses builds on existing business growth activity within the council.


Covid-19 – Developing a Circular Economy in Kirklees – Kirklees Council