Consultancy Framework

As Co-operative Councils, our members are at the cutting edge of policy innovation – and it can be a tough place to be. Councils often need to move quickly and flexibly to be on the front foot when it comes to ‘doing things differently’.

Sometimes it is necessary to bring in extra capacity and specific expertise to be able to do this, and there can also be a need to seek independent challenge to test assumptions and policy design. The CCIN recognises this and wants its members to be as enabled as possible to develop practical policy solutions as quickly and informed as possible – and this is where the Consultancy Framework comes in.

We are in the process of establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to replace the current Consultancy Framework.  

A DPS will allow other consultancies to apply to join the DPS at any point, rather than a two/three year set period.  We have now commissioned Oldham’s Procurement Team to establish a new Framework based on the principles of a DPS. This offers many of the benefits of a traditional Framework, but with several added benefits, including:

  • Allowing new suppliers to join the DPS at any point, ensuring the CCIN can access the best and brightest co-operators to support our members.
  • Not offering a Direct Award, meaning that a Mini Competition must be undertaken when using the DPS, ensuring the CCIN is promoting industry best practice.
  • As pre-checking has already been done, there are no financial limits on the mini-competition process, meaning there is no limit to the contract value that can be offered through the DPS.
  • There is no restriction on timeline, meaning the CCIN wouldn’t need to undertake another procurement exercise, unless the EOC felt that the existing DPS was no longer fit for purpose.

It is envisaged that the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network DPS will be in place by October 2019. Applications close 18 September 2019.  Apply here.

Our multi-supplier Framework allows all CCIN members (and the CCIN itself) to select from a specialist, prescribed pool of organisations to help in developing policy, implementing prototypes and building capacity, both in communities and inside the organisation.  Follow the links below to find out more about each of the organisations on the 2016-2019 Framework.

Consultancy Framework User Guide



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