CCIN Members’ Update April 2021

Councillor Sharon Taylor OBE, Chair of the CCIN & Leader of Stevenage Borough Council

Councillor Sharon Taylor OBE, Chair of the CCIN & Leader of Stevenage Borough Council

Welcome to the April edition of Update

I wanted to start by reflecting on the anniversary of the first Lockdown.  Over 126,000 loved ones lost – family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Many mourn in isolation, unable to say ‘goodbye’ under the restrictions that have sadly become a way of life. 
With half of the adult population now vaccinated, and as some of the restrictions begin to ease, we can plan to hug family and friends, some of whom we have not seen for over a year.  These freedoms have been hard-won, and we should continue to look out for one another, never forgetting those lost and the sacrifices we all made.

Amid this tragedy, we have seen our communities come together. 
At the start of the pandemic, we clapped for Key Workers whose jobs are vital to public health and safety. Council colleagues responded in incredible ways, including keeping the refuse from our streets, providing helplines and support for those fleeing domestic abuse, comforting those that were isolated, delivering food parcels to those unable to feed their families, and medicines to those in need.  Local Government has responded swiftly to the televised government announcements, eager to ensure that our businesses and communities could take advantage of new funding pots. 

Colleagues have become home-educators, juggling their public service and family responsibilities. Others have really missed those ‘water-cooler’ moments sharing an idea, a comment or a joke with colleagues.  We’ve all felt ‘zoomed-out’ as online meetings have become the norm. And the pace continues as Councils work hand in hand with the NHS on the vaccination programme.
During the past year, the Network has grown from 70 to 99 Members and Supporters, confirming our belief that we are the fastest growing network in local government.  A year of unprecedented growth for the Network as co-operation, co-production and collaboration have become a way of life for us all.
I hope that you enjoy this Member Update.

Stay safe.


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