CCIN Members’ Update May 2017

Councillor Sharon Taylor, Chair of CCIN

Councillor Sharon Taylor

For the next six weeks’ colleagues from across the UK will be contesting elections. Each of us hoping that the democratic process will return councillors and MPs who are committed to improving the lives of all those that they represent.  Fairly-funded health and social care is just one of the issues that councils are facing, and it is not surprising that we are still to define a roadmap to test co-operative solutions to these challenges.

To that end, I’ve asked that the Executive Oversight Committee and the Values and Principles Board hold a joint meeting in Wakefield next month where we will hear from health and social care co-operatives from across the UK and Europe.  I am very keen for us to make progress on this important piece of work and for us to be as inclusive as possible.  I look forward to working with you all to develop and promote more municipal co-operative policy in the coming months.  Good luck with the elections

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