CCIN Members’ Update March 2018

Councillor Sharon Taylor, Chair of the CCINAs Storm Emma brings chaos to the UK with blizzards causing travel disruption,  council staff continue to work around the clock in hugely challenging conditions to ensure thousands of miles of roads are gritted, support for vulnerable residents in communities is stepped up, waste and recycling services continue, and that people are kept safe.  Across the public sector, NHS staff, police and fire crews are battling the elements supported by the Red Cross, mountain rescue teams, and others too numerous to mention along with hundreds of volunteers up and down the country.

It is this community spirit and sense of purpose that brings neighbourhoods together.  People thinking of others before themselves.  ‘Concern for community’ is the seventh Co-operative Principle and one which Co-operative Councils take to the next level.

Highlights this month include the launch of an award to celebrate ‘Best Practice by a Co-operative Council’, the announcement of our first twelve Affiliate Members and an update on the Community-Led Housing report.

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