CCIN Members’ Update July 2020

Cllr Sharon Taylor OBE- Chair of the CCIN & Leader of Stevenage Borough Council

Cllr Sharon Taylor OBE – Chair of the CCIN & Leader of Stevenage Borough Council

Happy Co-op Fortnight!

Ordinarily, this week we’d have been exhibiting at the LGA Annual Conference in Harrogate. As a Special Interest Group of the LGA, their Conference, more than any other, connects us with our Members and enables face to face conversations. But these are no ordinary times.

Around the country local councils are preparing detailed plans for emerging from the impact of COVID-19. One of the important areas that they are considering is how to restart the local economy and minimise the effect of recession on their local communities, focussing on a recovery based on our Cooperative Principles and seeking local solutions to global challenges.  So, this month we are launching our report ‘Co-operatives Unleashed – from the grassroots’ which sets out practical ways for councils to encourage and enable the start-up and growth of businesses that adhere to Co-operative Values and Principles which enable any business to be fairer, more democratic and accountable to their members and their communities.  I hope that you can join us for the Launch Webinar on 13 July.

Also launching this month is our Member Induction Programme. Since the LGA Conference in July 2017 when we launched our Associate, Affiliate and Supporter Schemes, the Network has grown from 19 Councils to 72 Councils and Organisations.  To help our messages reach the widest possible audience we commissioned the Co-operative College to develop a three Phase Induction Programme for the Network.  Phase 1 launches this week, watch out for details.  We must be the fastest growing network in local government! 

Latest Membership figures now stand at:

  • 31 Full Council Members
  • 17 Associate Members
  • 25 Affiliate Members
  • 7 Supporters

Finally, I’m delighted to welcome Oxford City Council to the Network and share Cllr Tom Hayes’ insights as to why they have joined. I hope that you enjoy this Member Update.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Best wishes


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