CCIN Members’ Update February 2019


Councillor Sharon Taylor, Chair of the CCINThank you to everyone who joined us in Bristol for our Strategy Session on 9 January.  This was our best attended Strategic Session to date, and it was good to see that so many of you are keen to get involved. Our draft Action Plan for the next two years will now be considered by your Executive Oversight Committee and Values & Principles Board who are meeting over the next four weeks. We’ll be reporting back on progress in the monthly Update and seeking your involvement to ensure that we deliver on that Plan, raising the profile and highlighting the work of the Network among key stakeholders. 
We welcome two new members to the Network this month – Hull City Council and the RSA. Our 24 Member Councils now represent 6.2m residents and have a budget of £8.2 bn. 

This month we also report back on the four exciting Policy Labs that we have agreed to fund and a fifth Policy Lab being funded by Associate Members Peopletoo, for which we’re seeking a Lead Council.  Now’s the time for you to reach out and get involved in these projects as they become key delivery areas for the Network.

I hope that you enjoy this edition of Update.

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