Evidence Sessions

As part of the evidence gathering process for the report, the Commission held two evidence gathering sessions. One was in Rochdale in September 2016 and one was in Croydon in November 2016.

First evidence session

September 29th 11am-3.30pm. Rochdale, Rochdale Pioneers Museum

View Rochdale Agenda

Our final report of the evidence session in Rochdale

Second evidence session

November 24th 10.30am-3.00pm. Jury’s Inn, Wellesley Rd, Croydon, London.

View Croydon Agenda

Our final report of the evidence session in Croydon


Presentations given at our evidence gathering sessions.

Developing community-led housing and local authorities

Nic Bliss, Confederation of Co-operative Housing

How community-led and community-based Co-operative housing schemes in Wales can be supported in the current climate, and the opportunities available

David Palmer, Wales Co-operative Centre

A Toolbox for Community-Led Housing

Sally Thomas, Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust (HACT)

How and why Lewisham is supporting Community-Led housing development

Jeff Endean, Lewisham Council

A Co-operative approach to working with communities on housing development

John Rooney, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council