Why Hull is one of Fairtrade Fortnight’s biggest supporters

8th March 2019 / Posted By CCIN

Hull is embracing Fairtrade Fortnight with a series of celebrations to mark the campaign. Fairtrade Fortnight, which takes place from Monday 25 February to Sunday 10 March, sees thousands of people, companies and groups across the UK celebrate those who grow our food, some of whom live in the poorest countries in the world – ... Read More

Five steps to achieve sustainable culture and behaviour change

8th March 2019 / Posted By CCIN

The public sector is increasingly required to deliver successful and sustainable transformation. However, current figures suggest around 80% of governments efforts to transform do not fully meet objectives. 1 This is for a number of reasons including “change fatigue”, or a lack of resources and capabilities needed to make major changes. Both of these have become ... Read More

Community wealth building is coming to London

6th March 2019 / Posted By CCIN

Greenwich sits opposite Canary Wharf, one of the wealthiest parts of Britain. Like many parts of London, it doesn’t struggle to attract inward investment. However, for its council, the community wealth building model–more typically adopted by former industrial cities like Preston and Cleveland–has much to teach this London Borough too. The success of the community ... Read More

Mutualising public services: How do we engage with workers and the public?

12th December 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Austerity has impacted massively on local government, decimating frontline services across the country, with councils facing more cuts to funding and worsening financial challenges. Against this bleak backdrop, local authorities are fighting back and increasingly recognising that mutual and co-operative ways of working can help rebuild communities disheartened and demoralised by years of cuts. Preston ... Read More

Cardiff Council named first ever Coop Council of the Year

26th June 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Cardiff Council has been named as the first ever Co-operative Council of the Year, alongside The Foster Care Co-operative, Midcounties Co-operative and The Service who have all scooped prestigious Co-operative of the Year Awards. A record 33,000 votes were cast in the national awards, organised by Co-operatives UK and supported by the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation ... Read More

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

19th June 2018 / Posted By CCIN

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that Adverse Childhood Experiences (traumatic experiences which occur before the age of 18; typically ranging from verbal, mental and physical abuse, to being exposed to alcoholism, drug use and domestic violence at home) are a strong predictor of poor health and social outcomes in adults. Read More

The ‘Preston Model’ and the modern politics of municipal socialism

13th June 2018 / Posted By CCIN

With the help of others, such as Neil McInroy at the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES), Brown took the Cleveland Model and radically expanded it. The ‘Preston Model’ now encompasses a string of public sector anchors across Preston and Lancashire, to which has been added public pension fund investment, affordable housing, and—hopefully, in the ... Read More

Solace Innovation & Commissioning Network

17th April 2018 / Posted By CCIN

The Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network is a non-party-political active hub for cooperative policy development, innovation and advocacy. It comprises 21 councils, 5 Associate Members and 12 Affiliate Members from across the UK who are committed to finding better ways of working with, and for, local people for the benefit of their communities. Read More

Sports Minister encourages community organisations to access Sporting Capital Fund

12th April 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Sports Minister Tracey Crouch was in Leeds this week to visit an urban bike park which is being supported by the UK’s first ‘sport for social impact’ investment fund. The £3million Sporting Capital Fund was created by Sporting Assets, the leading sport for social impact advisor, in partnership with the Access Foundation. It is funded ... Read More

CCIN report helps councils turn community-led housing principles into practice

28th February 2018 / Posted By CCIN

The Housing Commission on Community-Led Housing, a Co-operative Councils Innovation Network (CCIN)initiative, has published Community-led Housing: a Key Role for Local Authorities to support councils bringing on community-led housing. The report summarises the benefits and potential of community-led housing, including cohousing and collective custom build, as a route to additionality, illustrating to councils the realities of the model, backed up ... Read More

“We have no Rockefellers or Carnegies, but we do have co-operatives.”

27th February 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Today in Europe, fear is all around us. People are afraid that their jobs will disappear – taken over by robots, undercut by migrants or outsourced to parts of the world where labour is cheaper. They worry that the welfare state will have disappeared by the time they retire and that they will no longer ... Read More

After the Carillion collapse, can worker-owned contractors offer a better alternative?

15th February 2018 / Posted By CCIN

‘The work is so much project-based that there would be a natural team for many service contracts that could form the basis of an employee-owned worker co-operative’ As the fallout from the collapse of outsourcing construction giant Carillion continues, calls have come from the co-operative movement for a mutual alternative. Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operatives ... Read More

CCIN report supports councils with Community-Led Housing – Custom Build Strategy

15th February 2018 / Posted By CCIN

The Housing Commission on Community-Led Housing, a Co-operative Councils Innovation Network (CCIN)initiative, has published Community-led Housing: a Key Role for Local Authorities to support councils bringing on community-led housing. The report summarises the benefits and potential of community-led housing, including cohousing and collective custom build, as a route to additionality, illustrating to councils the realities of the model, backed up ... Read More

Care Closer to Home Strategy – Peopletoo

5th February 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Across the UK increasing demographic pressures are leading to higher demand for both acute and community care services. The situation in Newport is no different. The population of those aged over 85 is expected to increase of 74% between 2014 to 2030, to an estimated 6,000 people . This increase is resulting in a need ... Read More

The future for parks and green space services – PeopleToo

1st February 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Each year it is estimated that over half the UK population – around 32 million people make more than 2.5 billion visits to urban green-space alone and this does not include green-space in our countryside. The public truly value these public parks, gardens and other open spaces in our towns and cities. A CABE study ... Read More

People Power – report from the Commission on the Future of Localism

23rd January 2018 / Posted By CCIN

Locality established the Commission on the Future of Localism in 2017, in partnership with Power to Change, and Chaired by Lord Kerslake to consider how to reinvigorate localism and unlock the power of community. The ambition behind the Localism Act is in danger of waning, and the fundamental shift in power from Westminster to communities has not yet ... Read More

Perform Green Memberships – Connecting Communities

14th December 2017 / Posted By CCIN

Perform Green is pleased to announce that we have become members of two new organisations in 2017 as part of our continued commitment to challenge old ways of working and be innovative in our approach to solving complex societal issues through relationship building and collaboration. Read More

The projects behind Bristol’s rise in UK Smart Cities Index

28th November 2017 / Posted By CCIN

Huawei UK announced that Bristol has become the UK’s leading “Smart City” in the second UK Smart Cities Index report, overtaking London to the number one spot. The report commissioned by Huawei UK and conducted by Navigant Consulting, is based on evaluations of 20 cities and their strategies, key projects and general readiness in using ... Read More

Oldham Council urges residents to pick up piece of rubbish every day

2nd November 2017 / Posted By CCIN

OLDHAM COUNCIL is calling on every resident to pick up at least one piece of rubbish every day – and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a special prize if you do. The council is supporting #1PieceofRubbish, a social media-based initiative which is encouraging every person to pick up one piece of rubbish ... Read More

Made Open to evaluate Croydon Council’s social value practices

26th June 2017 / Posted By CCIN

Croydon Council have selected Made Open, alongside their strategic partners Perform Green, to evaluate their social value practices. Made Open, a social innovation practice with their own interests in creating community change, will explore what social impacts have been achieved by Croydon Council (and the effort that has gone into various initiatives) since the launch ... Read More

Cllr Warren Morgan: Delivering the results (Fabian Society)

26th April 2017 / Posted By CCIN

Labour’s manifesto should be bold on local government. Councils are on the front line of delivery on social care, housing, the environment, economic growth, community cohesion and doorstep issues that matter most to voters. What local government does impacts on all of us, every day. Read More

Councils urged to be bold and use devolution to empower citizens

15th March 2017 / Posted By CCIN

From Co-operative Councils to Co-operative Places is the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network’s (CCIN) latest report which sets out a strong statement of intent about the future direction of the co-operative council approach.  It is increasingly time for councils to be catalysts of place, working in equal partnership with local people to shape and strengthen communities ... Read More

How a cash crisis gave birth to a new co-operative model for local government (Co-operative News)

10th March 2017 / Posted By CCIN

The Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network (CCIN) brings together 22 local authorities to devise responses to central government austerity – and the list is growing all the time, with Birmingham the latest council to express an interest. Whatever the demographic differences between member authorities, they share a common aim – to provide a national voice for ... Read More

Edinburgh launches community-owned solar project (the Herald)

28th May 2015 / Posted By CCIN

Council buildings across Edinburgh are to be fitted with community-owned solar panels. Edinburgh Council will work in partnership with the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative (ECSC) to deliver the panels to 25 council buildings across the city. The initiative is believed to be the largest community-owned urban renewable energy project in the UK. Read More

BBC Radio 4 – Feeding Britain

17th December 2014 / Posted By CCIN

Following a pilot in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire, a new ‘community shop’ providing surplus food to disadvantaged people has opened in Lambeth, as part of Lambeth Council’s Food Flagship Programme. Read More

Paul Wheeler: Runners and riders (The MJ)

17th September 2014 / Posted By CCIN

As Scotland votes on whether to leave or stay in the UK, regardless of the outcome the issue of devolution of powers and responsibilities from Whitehall is now firmly established as a political priority for all parties. Read More

Labour must trust local leaders (the Guardian)

11th July 2014 / Posted By CCIN

In this letter to the Guardian, leaders of Cooperative Councils call for a strong agenda for devolution, urging Labour to respond to the local government innovation taskforce findings by trusting local leaders, sharing power and working with councils to deliver the future communities want. Read More

Jon Cruddas’s speech on power and belonging

30th April 2014 / Posted By CCIN

Jon Cruddas MP, who is heading Labour’s Policy Review, argues that in our globalised world renewing the country begins in local places. The speech, delivered at the ACEVO Gathering of Social Leaders, mentions innovative practice in Oldham Council. Read More