The Co-operative Peer Review Commission










The Co-operative Peer Review Commission was established in 2015 and has been led by Plymouth City Council. The Commission agreed to deliver the following products –

  • A Peer Reviewer core criteria
  • Guidance around what to expect from Peer Review
  • Suite of Peer Reviewers

The Commission was launched at the Network’s Annual conference in Cardiff in November 2016. These products will enable Network Member organisations to explore and challenge where they are on their co-operative journey and how they can progress along that journey.    

In addition the Commission is also seeking to recruit Peer Reviewers.  So, if YOU have valuable experience delivering co-operative innovations within your organisation, this could be your opportunity to support, mentor and challenge other local authorities wishing to further their co-operative journey’s as a Peer Reviewer.  To register your interest please complete and submit the attached ‘Co-operative PEER PROFILE’ form.

For more information please contact Theresa Brooks, Policy & Business Planning Officer, Plymouth City Council – [email protected].

Co-operative Peer Challenge

Co-operative Peer Profile 26th September 2016 – Word Document