Public Sector Reform and Innovation

Beveridge 4.0


This report from Participle argues for a new vision and strategy to replace the Beveridge settlement of the welfare state to meet the complex challenges facing society today. The report emphasises the importance of empowering citizens – a limitation with the existing settlement which Beveridge himself had later acknowledged. The fiver core principles underpinning this are a shift from: Needs to Capabilities; Targeted to Open to All; Financial Focus to a Resource Focus; Centralised Institutions to Distributed Networks; and Individual to Social Networks.

Sunderland’s Community Leadership Programme

2020 Public Services Hub at the RSA

In this report, the 2020 Public Services Hub at the RSA evaluates Sunderland City Council’s Community Leadership Programme. This report provides a social productivity analysis of Sunderland’s work, highlighting the lessons it can teach localities across the UK and how Sunderland could further strengthen its community leadership work through a socially productive approach to local democratic politics and public services.

Catching the Wave: The State of Local Authority Innovation in the UK and the Creative Councils Programme


This report by NESTA provides a window into local authority innovation in England and Wales by exploring the innovative work done by the councils who applied to join their Creative Councils Programme. The report explains how local authorities are stepping up to the innovation challenge in the wake of the most dramatic cuts to local government finance in a generation, and outline some ideas for catching the wave of interest and shoring up lasting change across the sector.

Catalyst Councils: A new future for local public service delivery


This policy piece, developed by localism think tank Localis in partnership with Capita Symmonds, considers innovation in local government and explores how councils will need to move away from traditional models of service delivery and mobilise a wider range of local resources across the private, public, and community sectors.

Beyond Beveridge: A new economics vision of a new social settlement

New economics foundation

In this briefing, nef sets out five goals for a new social settlement, and put forward eight steps that should be taken to make our welfare state more socially just and sustainable.