Overcoming the Key Barriers to Developing the Co-operative Economy – Leaders Group

Date / 6th April 2021

Time / 10.00am - 11.30am

Location / Zoom

Meeting for Leaders, Cabinet Members, Co-operative leads


  1. Welcome and introduction to the session – Cllr Sharon Taylor, Chair
  2. Background to the meeting – Cllr Sharon Taylor, Chair
  3. Key Barriersf from the Coops Unleashed report – Please review ahead of call https://www.councils.coop/ccin-cooperatives-unleashed-from-the-grassroots/
  4. Preston City Council working with Stir to Action – Cllr Matthew Brown /J onny Gordon-Farleigh (10 mins)
  5. Open Discussion
  6. Next steps
    • Open webinar in June to highlight best practice across the Network
    • Quarterly meetings (July – October – January – April)
    • WhatsApp Group