First steps for great care in Colne Valley – Co-operative Care Colne Valley

Date / 29th April 2021

Time / 6.45pm - 8.00pm

Location / Online

This is just a start and there are plenty of lessons to be learnt ahead of us. At the same time we would really like to share some initial feedback and updates with everyone – especially with our members and co-operators who have been a big part of this journey, have supported us in many different ways and have made our progress possible. 

In our April webinar a few members of our staff team and the board will share their thoughts about how the first few weeks of working in our community have gone – there will be a lot of space to ask questions too.

We will also hear our user members’ take on why they have chosen to get support from us and what their thoughts are after the first few weeks of us working together.

It would be great if you can join us on Thursday 29th April 7pm to 8pm (the session will open at 6.45pm so that we can start on time).

We’ll run the webinar on Zoom. Click on the button just below to book your place.

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