CCIN Fringe Event – LGA: Co-operative approaches to devolution

Date / 30th June 2015

Time / 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Location / LGA Conference - Harrogate International Centre

At the LGA conference held in Harrogate on Tuesday the 30th of June the CCIN held its fringe event on co-operative approaches to devolution. The event explored the potential for a cooperative approach to devolution that combines economic growth with a strong focus on reinvigorating democracy and rebalancing the relationship between citizen and state.

On the evening we had three speakers, Cllr. Andrew Burns, Leader of City of Edinburgh Council and Chair of the CCIN; Carolyn Wilkins, Chief Executive of Oldham Council and Gareth Swarbrick, Chief Executive of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.

LGA Conference CCIN Broflet 2015 V3

Please find below are the notes and presentations given by the speakers.  A complete write up of the event is available on the CCIN blog pages.

1. Cllr. Burns – Coalition, cooperation and culture-change Notes

Cllr. Burns’ notes provide some general background from Edinburgh and Scotland; some specific experience/examples from City of Edinburgh Council and learning on the importance of cultural change to help embed devolution.

CCIN fringe – Cllr. Burns Notes

2. Carolyn Wilkins – Co-operative Devolution

Developments in Scotland and city regions in England provide a historic opportunity to break down the UK’s overly centralised system of political governance. But there is a danger that devolution simply transfers power from Whitehall to town halls, failing to empower local people. This event asks whether a cooperative approach to devolution – built on genuine partnership with citizens – can create economic growth but also reinvigorate local democracy and foster more prosperous and empowered communities.

Co-operative devolution – Carolyn Wilkins

3. Gareth Swarbrick – The RBH mutual Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is the UK’s first tenant and employee co-owned mutual housing society, with 14,000 homes throughout the local area. Drawing on the area’s rich co-operative heritage, RBH’s model places members at the heart of decision-making, allowing everyone to enjoy a sense of security and belonging.

RBH – Gareth Swarbrick