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Councillor Shabir Pandor – A year of cooperation in our Covid-19 fight

24th March, 2021 / Andrew

This week marked a year since the first national lockdown and it’s been a time where we’ve all reflected on what has been one of the most challenging and testing times for everyone. The many lives lost, the restrictions we’ve lived under and the time we’ve had to spend apart from those we love are ...

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Councillor Helen Holland – We Work for Everyone

4th March, 2021 / Andrew

I was chatting to a local resident over the weekend who was telling me that his job disappeared at the beginning of the pandemic, but that he is now working as a Blood Delivery Driver. Then on one of my regular walks the other day, I saw an advertising hoarding with the fabulous #changelives campaign ...

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Mayor Paul Dennett – Co-operatives could re-build the heart of our Communities post-COVID-19… with the help of Co-operative Councils

30th January, 2021 / Andrew

At the same time as local and city-regional government has been dealing with the immediacy of the COVID-19 pandemic response(s) we’ve also been actively considering in parallel how our nation will make its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and begin to rebuild our national economy and society. We know that the task we face ...

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Paul Morris – Action Learning on Covid-19: A Scottish Perspective

6th October, 2020 / Andrew

Like the rest of the world, every aspect of daily life in Scotland has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The response to the virus has been seen at all levels of government: local, Scottish and UK, as well as internationally. Health is a matter entirely devolved to Scotland and the national leadership in this ...

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Fiona Gibson – Action Learning on Covid-19: A Welsh Perspective

6th October, 2020 / Andrew

The Welsh Government is responsible for the public health response to the coronavirus pandemic in Wales. The nature of the devolution settlement in the UK has allowed for a nuanced approach to managing the pandemic. On 15 May, the Welsh Government published Unlocking our Society and Economy: Continuing the Conversation, the national framework for moving ...

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Councillor Clare Penny-Evans – Building Back Greener

29th July, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

As we emerge from lockdown and look towards a future post-COVID-19, many people are talking about ‘Building Back Better’.  A rallying call to make sure that lessons are learned from the crisis and that we embrace this opportunity to ensure our recovery is a green one.  The anticipated economic shock of COVID-19 is a warning ...

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Jamie McMahon – COVID-19 recovery plan requires co-operation

5th June, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

Amongst the tragedy COVID-19, there have been a few reasons for optimism: the new-found appreciation for the work of our public servants; the speed at which partners came together to respond and save lives; and the sense of collective action from communities up and down the country. As we now move beyond the initial crisis ...

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Jo Platt and Cliff Mills – Building a Cooperative Recovery – Greater Manchester Cooperative Commission

14th May, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

A different world Nobody foresaw a pandemic when we published our Co-operative Commission report in January.  Nine Commissioners and two councillors, all holding a conviction that principles of cooperation should help shape the future of Greater Manchester, spent quite a lot of time and energy advocating on behalf of a rather unfashionable approach to business. If we’d ...

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Councillor Iain Malcolm – #ProudtoSupport – South Tyneside’s approach to Covid-19 challenge

9th May, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

For many of our communities, the past weeks have brought an unprecedented challenge. For so many coping in self-isolation, managing health and wellbeing concerns, or experiencing financial hardship caused as a result of our collective response to this crisis, this experience has no doubt been unsettling, disorienting and isolating. Yet at the same time, this ...

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Natalie Abraham – Local Government – no way back?

9th May, 2020 / Andrew

In just a few weeks we’ve seen the Public sector come together and respond with positivity to one of the biggest challenges of our generation. But when the situation improves and public sector returns to a more recognisable pattern of work, what comes next. Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, we can learn from ...

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Councillor Brenda Warrington – Give Councils Our Fair Share

6th May, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

Two weeks ago I wrote about Universal Credit, and how it was an example of the coronavirus pandemic shining a harsh spotlight on economic and social issues which have already existed for a number of years. Today I want to return to that subject with the consequences the pandemic has had for local government finance. ...

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Councillor Louise Gittens – Building greener, fairer and stronger communities

30th April, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

Cheshire West and Chester Council are proud to be the newest member of the Co-operative Councils Innovation Network.  This is well timed as in February our new council plan set the vision that ‘by 2024 we will all play our part in building greener, fairer and stronger communities.’  We are working to change the relationship ...

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Councillor Sharon Taylor OBE – Community spirit, cooperative solutions

27th April, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

These are unprecedented times.  In a matter of weeks, we have become a country of self-isolators and self-distancers, wary of everyone we come into contact with.  We all owe a debt of gratitude to our colleagues working on the front line, as they risk their health to help others.  However, there is co-operation amidst this crisis, ...

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