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Adult Social Care ‘Front Door’ – Peopletoo working with Lambeth Council

20th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

Peopletoo were commissioned by Lambeth Council and the LGA to review the “Front Door” across Adult Social Care. With a focus on improving service provision and delivering financial savings through demand management, the review focused on a number of areas: Customer Journey Utilisation of the Corporate Contact Centre Demand modelling for new and existing clients ...

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Children Connect with Care Home Residents – Royal Borough of Greenwich

19th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

Generations are coming together across the Royal Borough of Greenwich with a series of activities bringing nursery children together with elderly residents. The benefits of intergenerational activities, such as reducing social isolation and fostering community links, have been known for quite a while now. The Council’s Early Years’ service has brought together a number of ...

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Advocacy Digital and Young People – Sandwell City Council

16th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

A Partnership Between Sandwell Advocacy, iSandwell and Sandwell CVO. Sandwell Advocacy has been supporting vulnerable young people since 1993. Many people do not necessarily understand what advocacy is and the important part it plays in peoples live, this project wanted to address this by creating a wide variety of information across a number of media ...

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iSandwell – Sandwell Borough Council

2nd November, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

iSandwell is a community development program that mixes frontline facing citizen engagement with smart city thinking to improve the use of digital in the region to alleviate social issues.  Sandwell Council work closely with the community and voluntary sector to develop innovative training and support over a range of activities. Read about these activities: Digital – ...

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Fuel Poverty – targeting households – The Behaviouralist

3rd April, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

Fuel poverty – living on a lower income in a home which cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost –  is a big issue for local government. According to the Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report 2017 (2015 ONS Data) currently, over 2.5 million households have to choose between heating their house and other essential ...

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Producing solutions with citizens – the Elephants project – Unlimited Potential

3rd April, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

For effective services, a better relationship is needed between people who deliver and use services. Organisations are looking towards citizens having an active role in design and delivery (co-production). There are ‘pockets’ of examples of lived experience/decision maker relationships across Greater Manchester. However, talk of better relationships has not yet ‘tipped over’ into widespread action, ...

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Thriving Communities – Oldham Council

28th March, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

The Thriving Communities (TC) programme is the bedrock of the Oldham Cares programme and central to the Oldham Model contained in the Oldham Plan.  It focuses on creating the conditions for sustainable prevention, social action and change which are pre-requisites of achieving the overarching outcomes of the wider programme.  It will do this through developing ...

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Living Well Collaborative – Lambeth Council

27th March, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

Overview Those commissioning public services are increasingly being expected to oversee rapid large-scale local change that achieve financial savings, but also to make services more accessible, personalised and focused on prevention. In Lambeth they have seized the opportunity to transform the mental health care system. By creating a radical new commissioning model and set of ...

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Motivat8 – Sandwell Borough Council

26th March, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

The Motiv8 Challenge was developed to tackle Anti-Social behaviour being carried out by young people with the aim of improving our communities, tackling youth unemployment and raising the aspirations of young people in Sandwell. The project is specifically aimed at young people in Sandwell who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) that may ...

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